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As a graduate of the University of Montreal since 1992, I have worked in various areas throughout these years, such as home care, CHSLD, CLSC, the traveling clinic, child-family child services and the youth clinic.

I’ve been on continuous medical training for the last 20 years.

My most important area of practice is chronic disease monitoring, especially cardiovascular and metabolic.

After completing a master’s degree in cardiovascular physiology and hypertension at the Sacré Coeur Hospital, I worked at the Laval Cardiovascular Center and then at the Center Epic de l ‘Institut de Cardiologie de Montréal, where I am still part of the medical team.

My role is to evaluate and monitor cardiac, diabetic or hypertensive patients for a training program using the effort electrocardiogram.

Mother of three children, from Uruguay, my working language is French, Spanish and English. I practice as a family doctor at La Rose des Vents clinic since March 2018, 3 days/week in adapted access.

Routine appointments, such as periodic reviews or follow-up, may take 4 weeks in advance. In case of emergency, for my patients, there is always availability on days when I am present at the clinic.

To scedule an appointment, you can call 450-624-1844 ext. 282. You can leave a message, a secretary will remind you as soon as possible.
** To come: Online appointment via appointment Health Québec. We will keep you informed when it is available.

At your appointment, it is important to:

be present on time
bring your current drug list
advise us in advance if you can’t come (to allow someone else to use your place)

In conclusion, many chronic diseases are reversible with a change in lifestyle. To this end, I keep myself up to date in order to be able to advise you.

Thank you for trusting me and the privilege of being your doctor.