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Dre Cassandre Beauvais


PATIENTS OF  DR Cassandre Beauvais

As of May 1st, 2021, Dr Beauvais will welcome you at her new office:

Clinique Santé Optimum

1500 Rue Montgolfier

Laval, H7T 0A2


Dr. Beauvais graduated from the University of Montreal in 2016. Since her residency, she has developed a special interest in women’s health and perinatal care. She then decides to perfect her knowledge by performing an advanced perinatal training program following her residency.

Since the end of her studies, Dr. Beauvais has worked primarily in Laval, where she has been following up on her clientele, as well as actively participating in abortion clinics. Versatile and committed to promoting sexual health, Dr. Beauvais has worked for more than a year in this particular field, using her expertise.

At the same time, she is devoted to teaching the students and residents of family medicine at the UMF St-Eustache.