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Dr Lisanne Papin


To join Dr. Papin:

Telephone: 450-419-9000

Fax: 450-419-7775

Dr. Papin has been practicing medicine for many years. Below you will find all the information related to his practice.

Electronic Communications

Dr. Papin communicates regularly with her patients through electronic means. Whether via email or text, she or her team may use these methods to notify you of a normal result, discuss a specific problem or to offer you an emergency appointment.

If you consent to the occasional communication with you using these means, you must, as soon as possible;

Consent form for the use of an electronic means of communication.

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Advance Access

In order to improve access to medical appointments, I changed the way appointments are made. The goal is to improve the accessibility of an appointment for patients who are under my responsibility. I want to meet you faster when you feel the need. In fact, you ask for an appointment with my secretary, and I would see you within 2 weeks.

Advance Access is an appointment system that allows patients to access their family doctor when they really need it:

  • For an acute health problem (emergency and semi-emergency);
  • For a medical examination due;
  • For a follow-up that must be done (pressure monitoring, CSST …).

Obviously, at certain times, the time could be longer (holidays, busy times, etc.). For this system to work well, I have to rely on you:

Your problem requires a medical consultation:

  • Can another health professional help you (pharmacist, Info-Santé 811 line, optometrist, dentist, etc.)?
    -When you call, my secretary must ask you to direct you properly:
  • If a problem requires a consultation the same day and I am not available, she will direct you to an emergency clinic.
    – The notion of annual medical follow-up is outdated and now replaced by periodic medical examination. So, for those who do not take medication, find out when you want to see you when I want to see you again. You may be offered to do so only every two years or three years if you do not have active medical problems.
  • These appointments can be made 6 months in advance.
  • For emergency appointments, you must call the same morning, or use emergency text (514-912-1844) by writing your full name, date of birth and summary of your symptoms. You will be contacted during the day.

However, I am counting on your cooperation and your understanding because the system is running for a few months and will certainly require adjustments. Also understand that our availability is limited, we must use our services wisely with discernment.

Emergency appointment?

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For patients believing to have a concentration and / or learning problem

  • These portfolios were designed by the FOCUS clinic https://www.cliniquefocus.com/ who selected among the tools proposed by experts some questionnaires and information for the patients and so that their clinician colleagues who wish to use them can do it.
  • The questionnaires used alone do NOT allow a diagnosis but facilitate the collection of information and then guide the process to target issues and possible interventions.
  • In some cases, the doctor will request an evaluation by a psychologist, neuropsychologist or speech therapist.
  • This is particularly important if a learning disability, a psychological problem or a language disorder is mentioned.
  • It is essential that the assessment process be done by a clinician who is familiar with ADHD because there are several issues that can mimic or be associated with ADHD.
  • The choice and development of these tools are constantly evolving.

Portefolio enfant

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Portefolio adolescent

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Portefolio adulte

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Annual medical follow-up

The notion of annual medical follow-up is outdated and now replaced by periodic medical examination.

Here is a reference chart that can help you determine whether you are due or not. You can always contact my secretaries who can guide you. It may be that not all members of your family are seen at the same time even if you used to come together.

This chart is intended as a reference for healthy patients with no pathology such as diabetes, cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure. If you are treated for any of these conditions or have any questions, please contact my secretaries.

When you go to your recurring appointment, it is very important to have your list of medications up to date. You can get it by asking your pharmacist.

Periodic follow-ups for indicative purposes for healthy people

0-2 years old                 2-4-6-13-18/24 month
2-16 years old               every 2 years
16-21 years old             woman, every 3 years
18-40 years old            man, every 5 years
21-50 years old             woman, every 2 to 3 years
40-50 years old            man, every 2 to 3 years
50-60 years old            women and men at 18/24 months
60-70 years old            women and men at 18 months
70 years old and +       women and men in the year