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Pediatric follow-up

Our doctors have the facilities and skills to assess your child’s health. The early years of a child’s life require close follow-up.
Pediatric follow-ups are made from birth to age 5.

Our doctors follow pediatric monitoring according to a timetable similar to that of vaccination:

  • Towards 2 to 4 weeks of child life
  • At 2 months
  • At 4 months
  • At 6 months
  • At 9 months
  • At 1 year
  • At 18 months
  • At 2 years
  • Then every year

Depending on the needs of the child and the family, a closer follow-up may be recommended by your child’s doctor. The child’s visits are very similar to an annual appointment, but relate to child development.  The visit will be an opportunity for the doctor to monitor growth, development and, of course, the health of your baby. It will also address nutrition, safety, hygiene and psychology issues.

Your doctor will answer all your questions in addition to providing informed advice. Finally, it will ensure that your child’s immunization is up to date.  Best use this meeting by sharing your concerns and concerns with him. When your child is in a position to do so, make him/her participate in the visit.

What to do between visits if a problem arises with my child’s health?

Between the follow-up meetings, if a problem occurs, it is possible to consult your doctor within a reasonable time or emergency by contacting our secretariat during the opening hours. Time ranges are usually available with your child’s doctor when attending the clinic.

You can also contact 811 or your pharmacist outside the clinic’s opening hours for information about your child’s health.