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New for appointments.

In order to better serve their clients, all our doctors have adopted a leading-edge appointment mode: advance access.

According to this model, the doctor’s schedule is available only for a few weeks at a time.

In this way, since it is impossible to book an appointment with the doctor in advance, it remains available quickly when it is necessary.

Your doctor usually has time ranges available the same day to see if your condition requires urgent consultation. These hourly ranges are released in the morning, when your doctor is present at the clinic.  You must therefore contact us at the opening of telephone lines in the morning.

Advace access is an appointment system that allows patients access to their family physician as they really need it:

  • For acute health problems (emergency and semi-emergency);
  • For a medical examination due;
  • For follow-up to be done (pressure monitoring, CSST…).

Please note that delays may lie longer (holidays, period of great traffic etc).


If you are healthy, it is recommended that you provide a medical visit to 2 or 3 years, not every year. Blood balances are not necessary before the age of 40 for most people unless you have risk factors that your doctor will discuss with you.

If you have a chronic health problem (hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, etc.), your doctor will tell you how often he should see you for your follow-up appointment.

Schedule of periodic follow-up for healthy persons

0-5 years                          follow the vaccination schedule

5-18 years                         if needed or 2 years

18-50 years Women       at 2 or 3 years along with the PAP test

18-40 years Men             if necessary

40-50 years Men             at 2 or 3 years old

50 years and over            2 years or less depending on your health according to your doctor’s recommendations

At any age depending on your health, your doctor may recommend more frequent follow-ups.